Recycled Concrete Can Be Used for a Variety of Landscaping and Construction Applications

As one of the most versatile and cost-effective construction materials available, recycled concrete can be used for a wide range of applications, its broad scope encompassing both construction and landscaping.

Recycled concrete aggregate is used for:

-The construction, repair and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways, as well as parking lots, sidewalks and driveways;

-In construction projects as structural fill, subbase for foundations, embankments and in the development of drainage systems and standing structures;

-Landscaping for the construction of retaining walls, raised garden beds, for gravel and as a decorative alternative to mulch;

-Environmental improvement, including artificial reefs and erosion control

Just as effective and durable as virgin concrete, recycled concrete can be used for any project that calls for concrete. That’s not to mention the economic benefits of using recycled concrete. Recycled concrete aggregate can increase construction and landscaping profit margins, as well as decrease and even eliminate haul-away and disposal fees…and the associated time and hassle. Plus, concrete in any form is 100% reusable, reducing our carbon footprint by cutting down on our landfill stress and the waste of valuable, limited resources.

For more information about the recycled concrete products and services available or pricing, please feel free to contact Drewry Site Development at 386-313-3220.

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