Concrete Recycling Process

Recycling concrete is basically the art of taking concrete in its whole form and crushing it into rubble. Crushing concrete can turn it into aggregate, which is a useful building material that is more affordable than new concrete. Aggregate can be used as filler for asphalt to create everything from walkways, to driveways, parking lots and even airport runways. It can also be used as an alternative to gravel.

Typically, the process of concrete recycling starts at the demolition site of a concrete structure. It can be crushed on-site and then heated to remove moisture and reduce its weight. The dry mixture is then transported to a recycling center, such as Drewry Site Development, where it is converted into recycled concrete materials that can be used for patios, fencing, retaining walls, pavers, landscaping, solving drainage issues and so much more. 

It is important to choose your concrete recycling company wisely. Reliable concrete recycling companies, such as Drewry Site Development, produce reliable – what is called “clean” – recycled concrete…a superior building material which can be used to create superior end-products.

When concrete is recycled, what would have otherwise ended up with a hefty price tag to remove and dispose of, transforms into a valuable raw building material. Then recycled concrete can be sold or used for your next project, creating cost-savings for both you and your clients. Concrete recycling is also an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, for which many clients and the environment will thank you.

Drewry Site Development is a concrete, cost-effective solution for high quality, reusable building products. Call 386-313-3220 to learn more.

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