Use Crushed Concrete for Drainage and Landscaping

As we all know, Florida has the propensity for heavy rains and hurricanes. Did you know that you can use recycled concrete to combat Florida’s harsh weather and minimize the impact of those heavy rains to create more flood-resistant residential and commercial properties? It’s a fact; and using recycled concrete for optimal drainage can save money while keeping things environmentally-friendly.

Some of the most common causes of water pooling where you don’t want it or flowing in an unwelcome direction are slope issues. Want to end your days of your landscaping filling up with water and taking days to dry out after a hard rain? A great solution for avoiding erosion and water problems is to fill in low lying areas with a layer of recycled concrete aggregate before covering them with topsoil. This step will increase the stability of the ground. Filling problem landscape areas with recycled concrete can also improve the permeability of the ground; and when ground drains well, it enables water to soak in more quickly.

Other things can help too, such as installing channel and grate drains – which work similarly to storm drains – to redirect excess water. Open drains lined with concrete aggregate for added stability and optimal drainage are also used to collect and redirect water. French drains filled with concrete aggregate or gravel can better filter and direct water flow as well.

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