Recycled Concrete: The Facts

“The facts ma’am (or sir), just the facts” about recycled concrete include…

Simply put, recycling concrete saves money; and the increase in profits obtained through regular concrete recycling can add up very quickly.

Using quality recycled concrete on jobs can also save money. In fact, research indicates that recycled concrete aggregate can cost up to 40 percent less than its traditional counterpart.

Concrete recycling is on the rise, so if it is not a regular part of your business plan, you may not be playing on a level field with your competition. It is a profit center that certainly warrants exploration.

Concrete is easy to recycle for future jobs and can be used for a wide array of construction and landscaping purposes, including (but certainly not limited to) foundations, retaining walls, drainage solutions, roads, driveways and sidewalks and even mulch.

Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials, so recycling concrete can also significantly reduce environmental impacts and the undo stress we put on our landfills. Environmentally conscious clients are also more inclined to use vendors who routinely recycle concrete waste.

Concrete waste production can be problematic, so why not turn a con into a pro and maximize the value of concrete waste by recycling? If you are interested in supporting your business with concrete recycling, call Drewry Site Development at 386-313-3220 to learn more.

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