Construction Collections 101

What is aggregate? It is construction material – such as crushed concrete, gravel and stone – used in combination with other resources to create a base material for things like bridges, roads, walkways, buildings, as well as drainage for roads, retention walls and pipes…basically, the foundation of the construction industry. 

In fact, aggregate is pretty much the base material for every construction job in existence. Just to give you an idea of how much aggregate is actually used, according to the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, 400 tons are needed for the construction of one average sized house and 38,000 tons is needed for only a mile of one highway lane. 

There are several types of aggregate material, including recycled concrete which is excellent for keeping construction costs at a minimum and meeting environmental guidelines. Concrete can be crushed on-site or transported to a recycling center to be crushed, processed, cleaned and screened to size. Aside from production and transportation costs savings, recycled concrete aggregate conserves natural resources and helps to reduce the stress on landfills.

High quality aggregate you can count on can be acquired from a reputable recycling center like Drewry Site Development. This construction material is consistently strong, durable, clean (free of harmful chemicals, coatings and other undesirable construction waste) and uniform. Less than stellar aggregate products can be soft with a low resistance to environmental elements.

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