Recycled AGGREGATE:  The Perfect Backfill for Your Retaining Wall

If you are a business owner or a project manager in the construction industry, you are – no doubt – always on the hunt for the highest quality materials at the most cost-effective price point. It’s critical to provide your clients with competitive quotes while maintaining a profitable margin; and it’s vital in all aspects of construction including everything from roadwork, to buildings and so much more.

So now that we’re focused on quality control and cost containment, let’s address an excellent construction material that checks those boxes – recycled aggregates. Extremely versatile, recycled aggregates are excellent for concrete and asphalt production, drainage projects, protection against erosion and absolutely perfect for use as backfill for retaining walls. 

Recycled aggregates create solid foundations, supporting and increasing the strength of homes and other buildings; increase the stability of roadways; promote ample exterior drainage; provide a level surface for placing block and add weight to retaining walls by filling hollow block. 

Another perk of recycled aggregates is that you can use demolition concrete from one project to create your backfill for another. So, instead of having to deal with the cost and hassles of disposing of your site waste, why not put it to good use…very good, profit making use? Recycled aggregate and a host of other quality recycled construction materials can also be acquired through Drewry Site Development.

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