Low Prices and a Small Carbon Footprint

As the costs of just about everything continue to rise, Drewry Site Development is keeping its prices affordable while continuing to create products that are better for the environment. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Concrete is one of the greenest materials you can use in construction because it is exceedingly environmentally friendly in all of its stages and for all of its uses. 

Concrete structures are also durable. They do not rust, rot or burn. Then, if concrete surpasses its initial objective as time progresses, it can be recycled into construction materials including new concrete, solid foundations, pipe bedding, and repurposed into aggregate for things like road base and backfill. Recycled concrete can also help to control erosion and improve drainage. 

However, recycling demolition waste into viable construction materials isn’t the only way Drewry Site Development benefits the environment. Construction waste makes up approximately 25% of our national waste, and the largest portion of that waste is concrete waste. The reliable, quality recycling services provided by Drewry Site Development also play an integral role in limiting that waste, reducing the stresses on our diminishing landfill space.

Additionally, limestone, which is the principal raw material component for cement in concrete production, is the most plentiful mineral on the planet. Concrete can also be made with very little production waste; it is energy efficient because concrete absorbs and retains heat; and the reflectivity generated by light colored concrete can reduce urban heat.

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